Friday, June 29, 2012

Erepublik - win the battle and conquer the world

Erepublik is one of the best and most interesting online games in the online world. It is something like a small world, where everybody can achieve a place in the big battle and earn points. In the beginning, you are just 1 citizen, that is looking for a house and a job. Once you get them, you can continue growing and make very huge battles, interesting resistance wars and even bomb your enemies with a bazooka. It is an interseting online strategy game where you can rule the world, if you think you are strong enough. A lot of players in the whole world are already a part of Erepublik game and more than 5,000 from each country. There are even more than 20,000 players from each big country in the world. Be one of your country's team and help it rule the world. It is a very addictive online game, try it now:

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