Friday, December 26, 2008

Play WrestlingGame- WWE RAW

WWE RAW, Wrestling game
The Wrestling Game is a FREE managerial online game with various features. Let's take a view of the game. All you need to play the Wrestling Game is just a normal browser (browsers are programs that allow you to surf the internet, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). The game interface is quite intuitive. At the first log in you will be guided in your first steps by a simple tutorial, which will help you to move deftly through the site. It is possible to use the chat system to communicate in real time with other players. You can use the forums as well. Inside the game a private message system is available too, which allows direct communication between users! We would like to remember you that the game is completely free. The only expense is your internet navigation cost! Or an eventual premium option. Every user, after they subscribe to the site, will have the choice of what class of wrestler they want. The five available classes are: Strength, Technical, Speedy, Resistance, Balanced. Regardless the chosen class, the wrestler will be a rookie, with very low stats (Strength, Speed, Technique, Resistence), he will have just base moves and won't have personalized ones. From the wrestler data it is possible to upgrade the stats to make your wrestler stronger.


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